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   When Swapping out stock JK axles for one ton truck axles you can basically break it down to two groups one using a swap kit to allow the axle to easily bolt in to stock suspension with minor tweaks or option two build a more custom set of axles unique for your build using generic link mounts, shock mounts, truss etc. Which ever route you decide to go you will still need the following items to rebuild junkyard axles: Gears, Rebuild Kits, Lockers, ​Driveshafts, Wheels, Ball Joints, Unit Bearings, ABS Tone Rings and Sensors, Brakes.

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Axle Shafts



Unit Bearings/hubs





For 2007-2018 jeep wranglers you can run a number of different axles,it comes down to how much work you plan on doing, are you using a bolt in JK suspension set up or are you building a custom 3 link or 4 link suspension, coils or coil overs, King pin or ball joint. And of course the big factor which set of axles can you get a better deal on.

Our recommendation for JK axle swaps are Front 2005+ Ford F250/F350 Superduty D60s with either 2005+ Sterling 10.5 or 1999-2007 GM 14 bolt rear ends.

Unlike 99-04 superdutys these are all D60s and wont have to worry about getting a D50 even tho there are some perks to these year D60s such as the ability to swap in 52T tone rings in the front to easily keep the Jeeps computer happy. 

2005+ Superduty Sterling rear axles are great axles however due to the differential being slightly offset towards the passenger side causing the pinion to contact the factory gas tank. There are still a few ways to run this rear end such as running a tall lift (5.5") which usually involves hammering the stock gas tank in with a BFH, run a Genright fuel tank behind the rear axle($$), run a 05-06 stock TJ tank behind the axle similar to Genright but a lot more cost effective, run a fuel cell in the tub.

There is a handful of vehicles that came with 14 bolt rear ends, we recommend 99-06 GM 2500/3500 SRW trucks. 67" WMS, disc brakes, ideal for most one ton swap kits.


Junkyard axle assemblies very in price depending on where you look but typically we have seen them go for around these prices:

05+ superduty dana 60 $300-$800

99-04 superduty dana 60 $200-$600

99-06 GM 14 bolts $200-$500

Yes there's many other axles that can be used, king pins are indeed stronger than ball joints. but over all we believe the 2005+ is the better axle for a JK.


We advise people look at junkyards not offroad pages where the demand is higher. especially buying axles that someone started building for another rig, you never know what they were doing with them.(I have seen people sell axles with holes in the diff)



With the growing aftermarket support for 2005+ Superduty Dana 60s there's now a couple different companies you can use to bolt in for your JK, Artec Industries, TMR Customs, Motobilt and Barnes4wd. These kits are set up to assemble like a puzzle for easy assembly all you need is a welder to burn them in place once you have the pinion/caster figured out. these companies also offer the 1 ton swap kit for the 14 bolt rear axle and a couple of them also offer for the sterling 10.5. If you have the skills or a shop that doesn't need to use a swap kit you can pick up link brackets that are offered from numerous companies and set up your suspension and axles unique for your rig.




  • Superduty D60 Gears:

    • 9.75" ring gear/10" super 60 gears are both compatible​

    • 29 spline pinion

    • 4.10/4.56 carrier break

    • thick cut gears for 4.10 down carrier

    • Oil Capacity: 3.25 qt. / Fill to Plug

  • Superduty Sterling 10.5:

    • ​Stock ring gear is 10.5" however Sterling 10.25"​ gears offer more ratio options

    • Oil Capacity: 3.5 qt. / Fill to Plug

    • 31 spline pinion

    • Requires 10.25 bearings for Sterling 10.5 axle

  • GM 14 Bolt:

    • 10.5" ring gear​

    • 30 spline pinion

    • 4.10/4.56 carrier break

    • Thick cut gears for 4.10 carrier

  • Manufactures: Yukon gear and axle, Revolution gear and axle, USA Standard gear, Dana Spicer, Nitro gear and axle



  • Locker Options:

    • Automatic lockers(35spline)- Torq Locker, Eaton Detroit Locker, Yukon Grizzly Locker, Spartan Locker

    • Selectable locker(35spline)- ARB Air Locker, Yukon Zip Locker, OX Cable Locker, Eaton Elocker

    • Spool(35spline)- Yukon Gear and Axle, East Coast Gear Supply



  • Axle Shafts aren't really a must do, most will just put fresh set of u-joints in the stock shafts.


  • Axle Shaft Options:​

    • RVC performance shafts dana 60

    • Yukon Gear and Axle replacement shafts upgraded to 1550 ujoints dana 60

    • Yukon Gear and axle 14 Bolt shafts

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